Collum Lane Photo Shoot

You may not be interested in a debate over – 1. camera versus phone; you may not want to listen to the discussion regarding 2. film('analouge') versus sensor('digital') photography; maybe you have no feelings one way or another that 3. Nikon, seemingly, is ceasing to market the F6 SLR camera. If the above doesn't effect you then why should you!

I use a smart-phone, which I'm not above taking a picture with on occasion, I have DSLRs, SLRs and a large format field camera and I shoot whichever whenever as I see fit. So, as you see I've little truck with the first two items above – you pays your money, when you've made your choice or choices, either or all ways and always as a consumer. I am though disappointed with, although quite understand, Nikon's stance on their 35 mm film camera business – for them, at least- there no longer is one! This at a time when film is being discovered and rediscovered by photographers new and old [some even never left film] for its rich and varied qualities is an absolute shame. Moreover, Nikon is a business – like it or not.

I have several excellent 35mm Nikon and non Nikon film cameras. I enjoy working with and looking after them. They all work as they should and for the most part I still use all of them – some more than others I grant you.

Just a couple of days ago I took my Nikon F90X with AF Nikkor 35-70 f3.3-4.5 lens to Collum Lane, Kewstoke, Weston-super-Mare, UK; loaded with Rollei Retro 400S [having bought a bulk roll from The Imaging Warehouse UK

My intention was to push the film up to 1600-ISO and use a Cokin ‘A’ red filter – in the hope of getting infra red effect negatives. The weather was sunny though with white clouds skudding across a blue sky. Dependent on the direction of the shot, achieving a more or less IR effect.

A field of stubble leading into the landscape at Woodspring Priory

I processed the film in HC110, dilution B, 1+39 [a 100ml trial size bottle bought from Nik&Trick Photographic Services – Their offer meant I didn’t have to purchase 1 litre of the developer just to try out this combination]. I developed the film for 15mins 30secs @ 21ºC, stop-bath, fix, wetting agent and hang to dry for three hours.

This film stock is becoming a favourite of mine. It is very broad use film – you can do a lot with it. Also, the film dries flat and scans well – certainly on my Canoscan 9950F – due to its polyester base. If you shoot 135 or 120 it could be worth checking out. I get good results when I’ve developed using in DiaFine, HC110, ID11 and Rodinal.

Agricultural buildings nestled in a copse of Willow trees

Maybe Nikon might reconsider or possibly spin it’s film camera technology off to a viable investor/manufacturer – even a niche one?

If you want to see the set of photographs from Collum Lane mentioned in this article or more of my work please see the links below:-

Full disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the companies or organisations mentioned or named in this article. I am or have been in the past a customer.

PhotoInfo:- Nikon F90X/Nikkor 35-70mm f3.3-4.5 Rollei Retro 400S rated at EI:1600-ISO Developed in Kodak HC110 at 21°C for 15minutes 30seconds Canoscan 9950F Rawtherapee/GIMP