20 Years Ago and 10 Years After ‘The Wall'

Concrete Installation(GDR) in Berlin(East). Concrete Installation(GDR) in Berlin(East)

I was in Berlin for a short while back in 1999. Ten years after the wall that separated East from West, was demolished. The continuing presence of parts of the wall and its affects were still visible and felt.

Some twenty years ago then, as I write this, that I was standing in Panoramastraße, on the neglected slabs, at the base of the steps, outside 1A, 10178 Berlin, Germany. For the time of year the day was grey, cloudy and cool and there was not a soul around!

Back in the day there were no international chains here or much in the way of stores nor shops. Whereas nowadays one might find 'Der Alte Fritz' where one could sit outside and take-in the area as it is currently. One can walk under the covered-roofs to where I had stood taking photographs – when there were no rooves on the concrete installations.

The angle I chose to take my picture gave me a line of site past the Berliner Fernsehturm – Television Tower – to Panoramastraße 1, 10178 Berlin, Germany. However, I could not walk from the Wasser Kaskaden, up the steps and on through to the Television Tower. I was mindful that this seemed as if a metaphor in some way and I resented not being allowed access. Even though I did understand the 'risks', I felt they were acceptable and so would have ignored them and gone on my way – given the choice!

This is as if nothing then to those who had to live and die with the wall itself. The significance of this photograph, if indeed it actually has any significance, always though has a profound effect every time I engage with it.