Torn Out by the Roots

Subsequent to a walk, during a covid-lockdown, around a small 19th century woodland, The Plantation and Bluebell Field, Woodland Trust, Uphill, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK and having processed a roll of film I shot whilst there, I've created an album The Plantation and Bluebell Field in my '' oneeyeopen gallery. [Only two photographs have been uploaded as I write this blog entry, though I hope to add a few more.] Torn Out by the Roots The Plantation has survived in this location now for some two hundred or so years. However, being Uphill the woodland's floor is more or less sand and dust and subject to the winds and weather of the southwest. The trees then (mostly Beech) rise up and fall, relatively frequently, thriving for a while then when their size becomes too much for the soil to support the wind takes them.

The juxtaposition, to those that remain upright, of the fallen tree, in the above photograph, gives us, in acute relief, this story in one stark image. The tree looks forlorn as it lies prone and fatally felled; having been torn out by the roots and is now slowly returning to the bed that gave it life; as it too gives shelter to yet other creatures of the wood. Simply part of Nature's cycle. Those that went before lay the ground for those that soon come after.

PhotoInfo:- Date: 24th March 2021 Camera: NikonF4S Lens: Nikon (AF Nikkor 35-80mm f4-5.6D) Film: Fomapan 400 Action (rated at EI:320-ISO) Developer: Kodak HC110 (Dilution H, 12 Minutes at 20°C) ADC: Nikon (ES-2/Nikkor AF 60mm Micro/D600) Post Process: GNU-Linux/GIMP

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