This large fixing is a bolt and double nut covered in a grey thick protective coating.

This double nut and bolt are part of the steelwork that is fixed to the concrete of the sea wall at Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, UK.

I had half an hour to spare and decided to walk along the beach in the sunshine. I'd never, previously, looked all that closely at this stuff, though in the sunlight these large fixings really stood out. Covered in grey, thick, protective paint though the first appearances of orange rust just brought the photo together for me. #NutAndBolts #metalics #BurnhamOnSea #BoS #DigitalColour

Seen at an upward angle in sunlight is a large threaded bolt with a nut and an additional 'locking' nut. This is covered in protective grey paint. Though, there is the appearance of orange rust in places

When something that you wouldn't give a second look catches your eye, then you look again through the viewfinder of your camera, maybe even with one eye open, and sometimes magic just happens. #NutAndBolts #metalics #BurnhamOnSea #BoS #DigitalColour