I Took a Walk on A Winter's Day....

I took a walk on a Winter's day, all the trees were brown and the sky is grey. Trees on the edge of the pond near Green Pastures

The day was grey, grimy and greasy under foot along with dampness. You know when it is not quite raining but you get wet anyhow as it's just hanging in the air.

Despite everything I needed to get outside and walk. No choice really! There was however a choice over which camera to carry along with me. I could take a 35mm or 120 film camera though I wanted to travel light and without a kitbag of gear nor a tripod. I chose my Nikon D700 sans battery-grip with a Nikkor 24-85mm zoom. Not the lightest or the best lens necessarily though very flexible. The lack of any redeeming qualities to the available light kind of dictated flexibility.

I headed towards Locking and Green Pastures near to what used to be Weston Airfield, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK. With no real idea in mind I'd see if anything worthwhile presented itself to me.

Pond at Green Pastures, Locking, Weston-suer-Mare,UK.At the water's edge – Pond near Green Pastures