Hyde Place

Years ago this shop sold leather suites, wooden furniture and artifacts for the home. Notionally, upmarket or boutique, least ways for Weston-super-Mare it seemed; the impression was intended as an emporium of sorts, only in this case in miniature.

Thinking back to the nature of trade at this property: as a business it would most probably be deemed undesirable, indeed unacceptable even, nowadays. Especially given that many of it products were obviously made from rare and precious hardwoods and animal skins. History can be a hard judge [and rightly so in many cases] of by gone custom and practice that are simply intolerable today.

Hyde Place  - Years ago this shop sold leather suites and wooden furniture.

The colour scheme for the façade was dark brown & cream; which reminded me of the Great Western Railway livery of many moons ago. What was the dot between Hyde and Place on the sign all about? That still remains a mystery to me. Looking closely one can see the metal tubes or pole the mock [Greco or Roman styled perhaps] stone columns were fabricated around. In the end the business never survived the 2008 financial crisis. Unfortunately a harbinger of what we might yet see, as a result of the Corona Virus/Covid-19/SARS-Cov-2 'pandemic.

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