Between Two Pillars

A sign said Woodland Trust – The Plantation and Bluebell Field

I'm simply out wanting a walk, locally for an hour; somewhere though different to my normal 'Covid-Lockdown' route. So I step over a tiny log bridge, which spans a trickle of a stream and I'm into a small, ancient, wood near Uphill, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK. Between Two Pillars After I'd wandered around some nearly missing this little scene, which may not be all that photogenic really and not too easy to compose either. However, the two stone pillars intrigued me – what were they and their purpose? Well once one starts thinking about such things.... I came away with this photograph!

At the time I couldn't help thinking: a pruning saw would have been handy, to cut back that broken branch on the left – even more so than where it had been maliciously snapped off. Of course, I wouldn't do any such thing as pruning something back, as I stick to the country code mantra of 'Leave no Trace'.

PhotoInfo:- Date: 24th March 2021 Camera: NikonF4S Lens: Nikon (AF Nikkor 35-80mm f4-5.6D) Film: Fomapan 400 Action (rated at EI:320-ISO) Developer: Kodak HC110 (Dilution H, 12 Minutes at 20°C) ADC: Nikon (ES-2/Nikkor AF 60mm Micro/D600) Post Process: GNU-Linux/GIMP

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